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Rape Seed Meal (Cake)

Rape Seed MealDetoxified mustard-oil meal is used for all classes of livestock. The name "mustard" is given to various species, the most common being white mustard, black mustard and Indian or leaf mustard. Mustard is cultivated for its seeds which yield oils and are used to make a condiment. It is occasionally grown (like rape or green manure) as a cover crop for fodder. Mustard seeds contain a fixed oil (30-35%), which is usually extracted by cold pressing. Though edible, it is used mainly as industrial oil. Second, very different oil is obtained by grinding the seeds and treating the flour with water to cause a chemical action between an enzyme and a glycoside, thereby producing oil that is not present as such in the seeds.

Mustard bran can be used to feed sheep and average-producing beef cattle. In dairy cows, mustard bran replacing 26 % of the crude protein from soybean meal (8 % of the diet) resulted in increased milk product and did not affect adversely DMI or milk components and quality (including odour and taste).