Food Grade

Guar gum is one of the best thickening additives, emulsifying additives and stabilizing additives. In Food Industry Guar gum is used as gelling, viscosifying, thickening, clouding, and binding agent as well as used for stabilization, emulsification, preservation, water retention, enhancement of water soluble fiber content etc.

Products Functions
Frozen Foods Guar gum reduces crystal formation, act as a binder & stabilizer to extend shelf life of Ice-cream.
Bakery Guar gum provides unparalleled moisture preservation to the dough and retards fat penetration in baked foods.
Dairy Products Guar Gum improves texture, maintains uniform viscosity and color.
Salads and Sauces Guar gum acts as a water binder in sauces & salad dressings and reduces water & oil separation.
Confections Guar gum controls viscosity, bloom, gel creation, glazing & moisture retention to produce the highest grade confectionary.
Canned Foods Guar Gum reduces splash while filling; viscosity control; prevention of fat migration.
Beverages Guar gum provides outstanding viscosity control and reduces calories value in low calories beverages.
Pet Food Guar gum forms gels & retains moisture, acts as a thickening, stabilizer and suspending agent for veterinary preparations.